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so i'm driving down main street last night and enjoying the now customary ooos and ahhhs and this middle aged guy in a sl500 benz pulls up next to me at the light...he rolls down his window and asks me......."is that the new 100,000 dollar mustang i heard about?" i'm like...what? he says" yeah i saw one the other day...the owner was telling me about it" we had a few words..i told him about the flux capacitor and stuff like know...the standard stuff this new 100000 mustang has...i drove off...he was a nice which one of you has been telling stories to the locals? i mean its nice to think that joe public believes theres a special edition mustang out there...(even nicer to think that my 06gt with the chrome and stripes could pass for it) but really....whos the jokester?


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I also told a friend that I had purchased a Mustang GT. He confused it with the Ford GT. He asked me if I had payed the $175,000.00. He had seen the car at a dealership and two parties were fighting for it with lots of dough...
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