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One more new guy fron Texas

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My name is Darren. A Buick buddy of mine turned me on to a Buick site, and had to find a good Ford site to frequent. I do body and paint work, so I'll frequent the body/paint section most. I'm new to the site, so I'll need a bit of time to find my way around here. I have (2) 88 convertibles 1 LX, 1 GT, and(1) 89 convertible LX (parts car). Looking foreward to sharing info etc. I have a fairly new web site if anyone is interested in checking it out. Just let me know and I'll be glad to give anyone the address. :wavey
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Welcome! San Antonio is pretty cool. Brother-in law lives there. During hurricane evac. we stayed in Bandera. The drive from S.A. to B. was great in the Mustang! I live on the coast, and it is VERY flat here - not much for views. We always love the hill country, but it just seemed better in the Stang!
Thanks. I'm actually closer to Banders than SA, but figure no one knows where Pipe Creek is. Used to make the same drive every day till last August. Now I work at home.
Hey Darren, welcome to the site.
How many members are on here? Seems less active than the Buick site that gave me the idea to look this one up.
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