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One more Texan....

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There sure do seem to be a lot of us around here, lately!

At any rate, I'm Mike Nassour from Austin and I'm looking for my first Mustang in 30 years. Yes, my first...and only so far...was a 76 Mustang II (shudder).

Yes, I know, I was young and had no taste.:laughlitt Besides....that's all that Leif Johnson Ford had to sell at the time!

Anyway, my ideal car would be a red or green 91-93 5.0 LX convertible, absolutely virgin, no mods at all. I've got some questions regarding pricing of a good sample, and anyone who knows of one for sale in Central Texas....well, I'd sure like to hear from ya!
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Welcome to the site! Looks like Texas is about to take over!Good luck finding your next Stang!
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