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OR midpipe with tune for 02 sensor question

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When you get an off road mid pipe, and get the Bama tune that makes it where theres no CEL (shutting off the 02 sensors i guess). Then get an inspection (NYS) like 6 months later, does the OBDII part of the inspection show that the 02 sensors are turned off? Or does it look happy and OK? I mean, can the tool they hook up to the OBDII show the 02's off? Do they look that deep into the setup paramenters?

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You will not pass inspection with o2's turned off, yes they will know and you will not pass the odb2 tests.
So would MIL eliminators be the answer?
No they will not work on 05+ at least from what ive heard, i would like to know whats up there though I just saw the post from AM thats says they do work. IDK
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