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Oracle halo install

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My son gave me a set of Oracle premium SMD halo kit for the headlights of my 2011 GT for my birthday. They will make my car a real stand out.
I am a little intimaded by the install process.
Tell me about your experence on your install.
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I thought this was a camaro thing lol..:D

I don't have any experience with the mustang but its really straight forward. Bake the headlight, pry it open, install, then seal it back up. If you don't want to do this yourself you can actually send your lights in to oracle and they will do it for you for a cost of course. Sometimes they also have a core exchange too. I know they always kept some in stock when I had my camaro but not sure how popular these are with the mustangs. Good luck. It will definitely stand out.

Did you get the multi color?

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Install = run lol they do look great just something I would take somewhere to get done
I used to have Oracle halos on my 300. Do these use a CCFL inverter? If so I hope they've updated them. They would last 6 months at most before burning out and melting. It got to be annoying. They looked stunning but I'd shy away after my personal experience unless someone can verify that they've updated their CCFL inverters.

They were exactly at the limit between annoyance and badass where I loved 'em.... but I hated 'em. Just my experience.
I think they're LED not CCFL. I haven't done them, but I have read about it... Seems the best bet would be to buy some used Halogen light housings on Ebay and play with them so that if you F-up you can still drive your car. they do look pretty cool though!
They make separating the headlight look soooo easy. I totally forgot about that part... It takes a non pro HOURS to do. Notice the little edit in the video. First off the factory sealant that holds the two halves of the assembly together is strong as HELL. As you work your way around prying it apart the rest of the housing cools and the adhesive re-hardens. In the oven.... out... back in the oven... out... And don't get in a rush and manhandle it... $$$... A straight up stone cold B to take those things apart. UGH! I'm having flash backs!

Pay to have Oracle do it! I beg of you! :gringreen
I just retrofit projectors into my headlights and it wasn't as daunting a task as I thought it would be. I was worried pulling the first one apart and it took a little time but the second one was a breeze. Of course I did use aftermarket housings. :winks
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