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P.I.E. Stereo IPod/Satellite Adapter - Installation

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Logjam, P.I.E's authorized dealer, says that the first 200 of their adaptors to hardwire IPod or satellite radio will be shipping out next week. Can't wait, as I'm like order #127 or something. No more static from FM modulation! :happyhapp Question is, is it difficult to take the Shaker radio out, or would I be better off taking it somewhere to get installed?
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its easy to take out. let me see if i can find the info for you...brb (sound of Jeopardy theme music playing in back ground)...:handball:
Ok, I can’t find it but I will try and remember how I did it. I removed the right passenger seat so I would have more room to work in the cabin while installing the Sat Radio. If you decide to go this route, there are 4 bolts that hold the seat down. This brings up an interesting question, why did Ford use 2 different size bolts? One size is METRIC!!!! WTF? Inside of the center console storage compartment you need to remove 2 screws. Next remove 4 or 6 screws along the center console. Slide the center console aft to unclip it from the forward part of the center stack. Unscrew the gearshift knob while holding the boot. Next, the 2 side panels slide aft and up a bit. Next, remove the plugs from behind the a/c controls. One is a very different connector. There is a lever that rotates down to unlatch the plug. It is very fragile and will break very easily. It will still work but Daddy Ford will know you messed with it. It depends on how much you want to disassemble, you may not need to remove the a/c controls. After that, I think there are 4 screws that hold the radio in place. On the back of the radio are 2 plugs and the FM antenna. Unplug them and the Shaker is free.

PM me if you have any problems and want to chat.

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Thanks, Don. I generally am one to leave the technical stuff to those who are experts (I'm a lawyer and generally think leave the law to lawyers, mechanical stuff to mechanics, etc.), but I wouldn't think it should be too difficult to remove a radio. After all in my neighborhood, they can get one out in about 30 seconds!
It really is easy to take the thing apart. I had it apart in a few minutes and that was because I had this info. I had taken apart my wife's car and it toook almost 2 hours to get CLOSE to the radio. I never got to the point of being able to remove it but I wasnt trying to either. There is a web site that had great detailed info for 2004 and earlier year model cars but it now requires a password to get to it. Try it and see what happens. Its After I finished my wife's car, I found this web site. It had detailed information with PICUTRES!!!! I love pictures.

Have fun!! :laughlitt
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