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p0743 code v6 2005 mustang please help!!

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I recently bought a 2005 4.0 v6 vortech h.o v2 supercharged mustang, 3.5" exhaust piping all the way from the headers.. But recently i was drinving my car and the gas was almost out and then all of a sudden my mustang starts to kind kick and feel really rough when coming to a stop or slowing down.. One time it stalled on me in the middle of a interaection (its automatic), what im just wondering does anyone now what p0743 code iss my diagnostic tool saying its a torque clutch converter... All i know is that it has something to do with the transmission.

If someone can help me as i despeipritly need it, and if you have a rough estimate of the price ( parts, labour ) that will be much appreciated.
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Replace torque converter its like 200-500 most junkyards wont sell them because they get sold with transmissions but u can try and maybe get it for 100-300
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