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Pacesetter Long Tube Headers Installed...little excited...a little

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Hey guys, I ordered a set of pacesetter long tube headers after reading the thousands of debates on whether they were worthless POSs. My justification for buying them was that the only other option that I found really were the kooks headers that were triple the price. The only difference I noted was the material they were made of (kooks are stainless steel and pacesetters are mild steel) and maybe a 4hp difference...maybe. Any way, ya the pacesetters are on and ya the paint is melting off from the heat like expected. Ya I had to find the right shop to do it because my cats had to be deleted since the pipes were too long to fit the stock cats. Ya my check engine light is on because I do not have dummy O2 sensors in.

Boy oh effin boy are they exactly what I hoped and dreamed for. These things SCREAM! I say screw your gt rumble. I've got a v6 that gives me goose bumps. I haven't had that nervous feeling and that adrenaline rushing since I first got my car! Its loud, its faster, and if you wanna know the biggest + to this whole thing...
I reset my average mpg and after I filled my tank and after a whole day driving around literally flooring everywhere: at every light, when a camaro passed by, when I made a turn, changed lanes...putting the pedal to the floor then slamming on the breaks to get back to the posted speed limit etc.

going from an average of 19.3 with more "normal" driving to a child who thinks racing video games are how everyone drives.:kooky:

So ya guys, thats my first day of driving with my headers and to be honest this is by FAR my favorite mod. Better than my body kit, better than my NOS, better than your GT! Ha just messing. Seriously though I am itching to drive all the time now and to be honest I kind of lost that feeling for some time.:bigthumbsup
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well I've posted many times that I love my long tubes and that Ferraris come with over.
there's a lot of people out there who have had a bad experience with there's a lot of hate on pacesetters

i've had them in my car for over a year now and i have had no problems (knock on wood)

enjoy your car...its an awesome mod to have
When you say the paint is melting off, what paint are you referring to? Just wondering what you meant lol.
When you say the paint is melting off, what paint are you referring to? Just wondering what you meant lol.
The headers and I think most pacesetter products in general come with a basic black paint finish that you'd think would be similar quality to brake caliper or engine block paint. But the headers get so hot that the paint is flaking off like there's no tomorrow. There's an option to get em armor coated and its said to prolong the life and prevent corrosion but it does not say how long. My thoughts were that since they come with a three year warranty that I will just replace them in three years and then if something goes wrong six years from now I can either spring for the kooks or who knows where my car will be in six years.
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those lths dont come with high temperature heat resistant coatings which is why that paint goes away real quick

you can have them coated again but that three year warranty is a hell of a bargain
Buy headers, send them to Jet Hot to be coated inside and out, never worry about them again.

I have a set of Jet Hot coated Hooker LTs for my Camaro. They are 10 years old and while they dont look brand new after 10 years they still look damn good.
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