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Pacesetter LT header question 01 GT

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Can anyone give me a direct size to what cap would fit my EGR hole on my LT? I have deleted my egr and egr tube. I envision a cap sort of like this...(See Attachment) Also whats the best flexible oil dipstick tube? for a reasonable price..tired of trying to fight my new OEM one in.


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I just cut my tube and copper rtv a penny in the cap to block it off. Works fine and no leaks. As far as direct size I'm not sure.

Yeah me and my father in law fought mine for a good bit. I'm surprised we didn't bend it honestly. I've heard of people using lokar tubes check them out.
Cool. Ill be blocking that off today. lol tired of that exhaust leaking taking away from my exhaust sound. And I saw someone mention that on another forum as well. Lokar it is! Thanks!
Yeah I wouldn't be running it without the EGR tube blocked off. That's causing a major exhaust leak and being prior to the bank 2 O2 sensor could cause some problems. No problem!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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