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Paint Job Advice?

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I just bought my first Mustang about a month ago. I'm happy with the color (Candy Red), but recently I've been shopping for Mustangs again (Backstory - my Grandma finally let up and told my Grandpa to buy a Mustang for his 70th birthday, so I've been helping him shop) and I've seen a lot of color combos I really like.

If I were to get my baby painted, how would I do this? Is is possible to have the factory do it? What kind of prices are we talking here? Anything I should know up front?

Sorry for the semi-noobie questions, I'm only 16 so this is my first time :p
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I would not advise painting the car just because you want a colour change. For a full paint job, especially changing the colour your looking at least $4500 and up. All depends on the quality of work as well. You would be better off selling the car and finding the one you like.
yep, unless you want to spend $5k+ you will never see a paintjob as good as the factory paintjob, and changing colors means painting door jams, and alot of odd areas meaning lots of labor and time for the shop running up the bill even higher.
More and more People in Europe are using Vinyl instead of an Paintjob, it´s cheaper, and if you don´t like it after 2 years, you can change it back :)
painting a factory car, unless its a show car, and you've got deeeep pockets...its just a waste. Honestly. I mean, you can have it resprayed the factory color for a few thousand, but colour changes are mighty expensive.
the factory does not repaint cars..all 3 of my cars were repainted by Maaco for $500 each, they look great, have a 5 year warranty and they turned them in one week, to completely change the color there is an additional fee since they do the door jambs etc...for a nice used car it's a viable option for the "average joe"...don't let those who have never had their car painted by them poo poo the idea
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