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Paint Job Advice?

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I just bought my first Mustang about a month ago. I'm happy with the color (Candy Red), but recently I've been shopping for Mustangs again (Backstory - my Grandma finally let up and told my Grandpa to buy a Mustang for his 70th birthday, so I've been helping him shop) and I've seen a lot of color combos I really like.

If I were to get my baby painted, how would I do this? Is is possible to have the factory do it? What kind of prices are we talking here? Anything I should know up front?

Sorry for the semi-noobie questions, I'm only 16 so this is my first time :p
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the factory does not repaint cars..all 3 of my cars were repainted by Maaco for $500 each, they look great, have a 5 year warranty and they turned them in one week, to completely change the color there is an additional fee since they do the door jambs etc...for a nice used car it's a viable option for the "average joe"...don't let those who have never had their car painted by them poo poo the idea
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