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Parts swapping for 73 mustang.

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I just started a large total restoration project on a 73 mustang. I know I can swap rear disc brakes from a 94 to 98 mustang to fit my 73. Was wondering about other swaps such as a rack and pinion or maybe even a k member or sway bars. If I can save money scavenging bone yards instead of buying everything new will save me tons of money. any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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the 71-73 models offered two suspensions. all the four speed cars came with factory installed competition suspensions. you can identify by looking at the rear, the left shock is behind the axle, and has a rear sway bar, stiffer rear springs, 9 inch traction lok differential, and i believe it had a heavier front sway bar. this suspension could also be ordered on automatic cars. if yours has this suspension, don't mess with it, just repair as needed and drive it. they handle pretty well.
that's beyond me. i'm the guy that wants everything to be as stock as possible. the question is, what do you want to accomplish with the car, and why do you want to modernize it? is there something you want to do with the car that stock components won't handle?
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ok i get it. have you checked salvage yards for a 71-73 parts car? many yards are hooked into a national network for finding parts. 30 years ago i found a yard north of tulsa, had a ton of old fords sitting there. i went for more than 30 years without a ford, i was concentrating on harleys, but got back in about 3 years ago, so i'm a little out of touch with the ford world. now i have two, my mustang, and a 73 LTD with 40,000 original miles, all original, and 99% mint, so i'm getting back in now that i've retired. the more original parts you can find, the less work it will be. many of them came with power steering and brakes, so you can still have some amenities without breaking the bank, and more importantly, to me at least, is a lot less cutting and welding. there is also a place called Yogi's, which is about 25 miles from where i live. they supply a lot of street rod parts, like universal steering columns, mII brake systems. their catalog is a good place to get ideas, you can order one on their website
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i just did a search on web for ford salvage, came up with some salvage sites with nationwide parts locators also check out sites like, they have a salvage yard, list of swap meets, stuff like that. also, monticello iowa, where yogi's is at, will have a swap meet oct 18 at the fairgrounds, i saw some mustang parts there last year. it's about 4 hours from chicago. it's not a huge meet, but might find something, or make some connections
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