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Parts swapping for 73 mustang.

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I just started a large total restoration project on a 73 mustang. I know I can swap rear disc brakes from a 94 to 98 mustang to fit my 73. Was wondering about other swaps such as a rack and pinion or maybe even a k member or sway bars. If I can save money scavenging bone yards instead of buying everything new will save me tons of money. any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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I already know I have the 8 inch differential. I guess what I'm looking for is some kind of literature that can help narrow down searches for late model swaps into early model cars with the least amount of fabrication. Like swapping out axles differentials coil springs etc. Junk yard shopping is fun. Would just rather bring home the right part the 1st time.
I have nothing against stock. Just happen to find a shell of a 73 mustang. had a rusted out 91 t bird laying around with a perfectly good HO motor and trans. now it's just a matter of finding enough parts to put together a running car. That includes finding everything from a dashboard to brakes to a windshield washer reservoir. from the very beginning this car could never be stock. So now I'm just looking for parts that can fit and if it can be modern then that's ok too. Ideally I'd like to keep it all Ford but I'm not against throwing Lamborghini bucket seats in it if I find them. It's starting to seem if someone can come up with a parts reference book that says a 2001 Chevy Camaro dashboard can fit in a in a 72 dodge dart or whatever part then that might be a money maker. otherwise it looks like I'm going to go through a whole bunch of trial and error with this project.
I'll look into yogis. Good to know. unfortunately I'm in Chicago and the boneyards in Illinois stopped allowing self pick and pull due to the covid thing. I think they might be opening up again soon and I'll definitely be checking out boneyards again. Thanks for the yogi lead.
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