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Perfect Car And It Is a Boss 302

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If only I could get it right now!!!! And it's in Oregon just hours away.......I think right now I need to make getting my mom a hearing aid so that will put the car buying off a bit. I was planning for June anyway......But this is a beautiful car.............I shouldn't even be looking but I could argue that looking helps me get to know a good price or not which I do not know at this point, this price could be high.......What do you think of the price?

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2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 for sale in Portland, OR - CARFAX
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way too high for me ... pre-pandemic, Boss 302's in good shape with some miles were down under $30K ... I think the used car price bubble will burst within the next year and that car will be back down under $30K ... but my crystal ball is very foggy so I make no promises!

the Toyo Proxes tires and aftermarket wheels tell me it has been seriously tracked, which is not a real bad thing if it was well maintained, but something to be aware of
I love these Boss 302s but shortly after the 2013s came out, I could have had a new leftover '12 for less than that. I realize that really has no bearing on their market value now but I couldn't bring myself to pay anywhere near that for a 10 year old car with pretty average mileage for what it is. These generally aren't cars that got used up as daily drivers. There are a decent number of these still in the wrapper and plenty with less than 10k miles. I gotta think there will be plenty to chose from in the coming months as anyone who isn't in love with theirs decides to get out while the gettin's good.
I looked, says 'vehicle no longer available'.
Pictures look super clean

But $37K? Yikes!

I agree with others here. The Boss 302 in that generation is nowhere near collectible potential. Look for an S197 GT for waaay less money.
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