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Pertronix wiring help 1966 Mustang 289

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What is the proper wiring hook up for the Pretronix Ignitor kit for a 1966 289? Unit has been installed previously and ran great. However, after changing intake manifold gaskets and some detailing I did not take notice of the proper hook up and having some starting isssues. Could someone please confirm that the red wire from the pretonix kit and the black wire from the ing switch goes to the battery side of coil?

Any help would be appreciated!
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If the resister wire is installed, you should not use the coil battery terminal as a power source for the Pertronix. Unless someone has rewired something, the wire from the ignition switch should be red-green, not black. I had some issues wiring mine in because I have a Rally-Pac which necessitates retention of the resister wire. Here is that thread, which should answer all your questions.
Joes 72/65.... Did you receive a PM from me asking you to confirm my understanding of your wiring configuration. I just wanted to make sure I understood the connection properly.
Yes, and I sent a reply. Looking back at the diagram I drew, I can see where it could be confusing if you aren't well-versed in reading schematics, as I did not label the coil terminals. PM me again if you still did not get my reply.
I think this is what joe did? Correct me if im wrong.


Here is a direct link if you need a higher resolution.
Got it, thanks.


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