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PFD file ford 289/302??

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hey guys, im just about to be overhauling my 289 motor, i need to get a booklet for the 289 with all the sepcs, Assembly, and bolt torque amounts like that. is there a good pfd file i can download somewhere online or a good website to get all of this information? i want to see if i can get this stuff online for free before i buy a book off ebay or something. thanks.
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Spend the money and get a FORD shop manual. It's legit, the other's aren't and you'll be way ahead.
The Ford manual was invaluable in my rebuilding of my 289.
Shop manual is a must have for anyone with a classic Mustang. There is also a great book available from most vendors

I don't know of anything online as it is a bunch of info and varies between years and sizes. It's well worth the money to get the books, I promise. If you don't want them when you finish, you can sell them used for good money to someone else who needs them.
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ok thank you so much! $5 for the book is a good price, im ordering one today :)
I have used this book to rebuild 3 different 289 engines -
it is great, but don't use it if you are building a roller rocker or EFI engine.

How to Rebuild Small-Block Ford Engines: Tom Monroe: 9780912656892: Books
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