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Pi Motor Swap or Rebuild or Pi Swap (NOOB)

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Just found out my 96GT 2V motor is burning oil. It's been smoking like crazy when I accelerate at stop lights and its a very rich smell coming out. It has a 150K on it. I'm sort of on a budget so I was trying to find out which would be cheaper out of the three:

Pi Motor Swap
Pi Swap

Or what should I do?

I'm a noob so go easy.

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Assuming this is a street driven DD, IMO the best cheapest is a PI motor swap from a salvage 99+ Mustang
2000+ Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, or Town car.

Try for sample $$.
Consider it almost like a long block. Transfer from the old engine,

oil pan
wiring. This is important!
fuel injector and Fuel rail
Throttle body
exhaust manifold
dip stick
May have minor changes in the PVC valve.
New motor mounts.
If your car is a manual, will need to swap flywheel. New pilot bearing.
will need a heater return line from a 2001 Mustang.
remove the CHT and knock sensors.
Consider a coil pack to COP conversion. Re-use the COP's that will come with the replacement motor. Use this harness:
Plug and Play COP Conversion Harnesses!!!!

Will need to plan for the 2nd temperature sensor. There is a drain plug down on the block that works. Other ppl tap a hole in the intake for the 2nd sensor. Make sure the new motor has the metal coolant crossover.

OBTW, I have done a similar swap of 2004 CV into a 2000 Mustang GT (windsor to romeo).
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If you are re-using the original wiring harness and ignition, does it make sense to change the PCM?

By treating the donor motor "like a longblock", you are re-using, transferring the things that make it "Mustang specific".

Do you think that a PCM from a Grand Marquis would work in a Mustang? :nono:
It will be difficult to buy a heater return from a salvage yard. Why? Because salvage yards sell complete motors. The only way they would remove parts from the motor is when the motor is no good.

Most salvage yards will scrap motors not suitible for resale.

Not to say that it can't be done. Just expect it to be more difficult. Try

Personally, I would try direct from Ford.

Note, it's possible to re-use the original heater return line. But this will require removal of the water pump valley nipple and swapping from the old motor. It can be done but does require some care to make the swap leak free. If I were doing the swap, I would try to source the correct heater return line.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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