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Pi Motor Swap or Rebuild or Pi Swap (NOOB)

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Just found out my 96GT 2V motor is burning oil. It's been smoking like crazy when I accelerate at stop lights and its a very rich smell coming out. It has a 150K on it. I'm sort of on a budget so I was trying to find out which would be cheaper out of the three:

Pi Motor Swap
Pi Swap

Or what should I do?

I'm a noob so go easy.

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Thanks guys. I found a 2001 Grand Marquis motor with low milage. Will this bolt right up or what things would have to be changed to make this fit right?
Yeah I have an automatic.....Will i need a new computer or can I use the one I already have?
If you are re-using the original wiring harness and ignition, does it make sense to change the PCM?

By treating the donor motor "like a longblock", you are re-using, transferring the things that make it "Mustang specific".

Do you think that a PCM from a Grand Marquis would work in a Mustang? :nono:
Got you!! I'm noob so I'm learning lol. I should be able to find a Heater Return line from a salvage? Or is it possible to buy new?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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