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Pi Motor Swap or Rebuild or Pi Swap (NOOB)

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Just found out my 96GT 2V motor is burning oil. It's been smoking like crazy when I accelerate at stop lights and its a very rich smell coming out. It has a 150K on it. I'm sort of on a budget so I was trying to find out which would be cheaper out of the three:

Pi Motor Swap
Pi Swap

Or what should I do?

I'm a noob so go easy.

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it depends on how much money you got or your willing to spend , but your best option of the three would probably be just a whole pi engine swap. since your burning oil there's probably a problem with the block or piston rings not sealing . so just a pi swap on your current block probably ain't gone help much.

if the block was in good condition though i would do a pi swap cause it adds compression if your staying naturally aspirated and that's a good thing.

but you could rebuild your block if you wanted or get another npi block from the junkyard and put your npi heads back on it and add pi cams and a pi intake.

or you could have a compression and leakdown test done to see what condition the engine is in and too see where the leak is coming from.

there's a lot of options.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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