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Pic Request: Mustang V6 with 2012 shelby SVT wheels??

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Hey guys,

any one have a v6 with the new shelby performance pkg wheels?? ..or at least a pic of one?..been trying to find some examples but no luck as of yet!

anyways post up if you got some!! thanks:bigthumbsup
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Perfomance package? or the stock ones?
the svt ya performance pkg
they would look the same as on a shelby. no difference
ya I guess your right..just wanted to see it with the different front end, different spoiler and diffuser maybe to get a better idea you know.

The only time Ive seen a v6 with those wheels is when I passed my my local body shop..and this doesnt even count really was a v6, but the whole front end was converted to the shelby fascia...this was after an accident. To add to this he ended up doing the rear spoiler, diffuser, badges etc.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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