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Control arms or lift bars? I use my mustang as a daily driver car but every now and then I take it to the track. The car is equiped with 4:10s and a procharger, the car is putting out 390rwhp and 410rwt. I have a major traction problem and I was wondering what people recommend for traction other then drag slicks. I heard that the lift bars are really hard on the torque boxes and that the aluminum bushings make a ton of road noise. On the other hand theres the option of just getting better control arms or adjustable control arms, I was wondering how they would compare to the lift bars, I know with both of these you need to re-enforce your torque boxes. The car just spins through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd oh it's that bad. I was leaning towards the lift bars and adjustable upper control arms but I wasn't sure how bad the sound was on the lift bar bushings. I'de like to know what other people have used in the past to get traction.
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Rear suspension

I have never run the horsepower that you are, but have run both types of suspension. The Southside lift bars definetly had the traction advantage, but like you said, the ride was horrible. The Mac upper and lowers(also know as BBK), ride much better and corner well for daily driving. However the straight line traction is nowhere near as good. These are the best set up for real daily driving and what I am currently running. Pick your poison.
:sterb: LOL
I'm running soutside lift bars on my setup and they hook up great. The ride isnt too bad. The only thing is the tires make a little bit more noise. Also with SSM bars you have to get them welded, so that took some time to do.

I would give Maximum motorsports or steeda a call. They are the suspension experts.
I lowered the car 1.5" in the front and 2" in the rear and the car rides a little rough, I'm a little afraid of getting the lift bars because it may take what little ride I have left. My tire size is 265/35r18 I was just considering upping the size to 275/40r18 for a little better ride, and as of better control arms go I'm afraid to get those because they may not do the job.I don't know whats wrong with the car, when it was stock it would just burn out also I couldn't give it any gas off the line. I have a sport edition mustang gt, the car would scratch from 2nd to 3rd stock! My brother and I took our cars to the track stock, he has a 2002 gt and he had some traction, and he ran a 14.5 at 96mph I had none and ran a 14.6 at 99mph. Off the start I can't give the car any gas at all, as a matter of fact I have to ease through first then shift to 2nd and thats where I gas it all the way. The cars abs/traction control is both off and can't ever come on, I checked the fuses and its not those, they have been off since I've had the car, so I don't know what it is. Maybe a sensor? Oh and david how was the aluminum bushings? They ever squeek or anything?
MM Torque arm, the HD one. I was talking to someone about getting mine done before I got rid of it. It will make a world of a difference. I would get rid of the 4.10 gears too and maybe get a higher gear, or run a taller tire.
The best way to stop squeaks is grease fittings. I put them on everything, tierod ends, balljoints, etc. LOL
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