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Picking up my first Mustang this week!!!

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Hey guys, this is my first post and I just wanted to post a few pics.
I'm going to pick up my first Mustang this week and I can't wait.
Already got a few things lined up that I plan to do to her!

She's a 2004 manual GT in Crimson Red. 40th Annv. Edition.
Ford Motorsports 4.10 gears, Cold Air Intake, Trick Flow Upper Intake Plenum with spacer, Stack Racing 75mm Throttle Body, Off Road H-Pip, Flowmaster Cat-Back exhaust and lowering Springs.
She also has a Cobra front bumper and Terminator Hood which I love.

I plan to add sequential turn signals and a Mach 1 grill delete.

First thing tho is getting the windows tinted.

Also considering powder coating the rims black. What do you guys think?



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I would change the rims there to common seen
I would change the rims there to common seen
I might just powder coat them first and see how it changes the look.
Otherwise my buddy has a 03 Terminator and has an extra set of OEM rims with good tires that I can pick up for a STEAL! which I may do anyways. I would need to powder coat those tho as well. They have some flaking in the finish.
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Welcome to the site! I think it's worth giving the powder coating a chance it might look cool against the color of your car and tinted windows. By the way congrats on the new ride.
That's what I'm gonna do!
Welcome to the site!!
Thanks! I'm excited
Hello and welcome to the forum! Congrats on your Mustang, it looks beautiful. Good luck with all your upgrades and keep us posted!
Welcome to AFM.
Welcome! Great looking 04, I use to have a 04 GT as well. I loved it! If you ever need anything feel free to let me know, in the mean time you can check out everything we have for your GT! If you need the forum discount code feel free to ask! 1994-2004 Mustang Parts & Accessories at
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