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Pics of Roushcharger install

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Here is pics of Install my son and are doing. Basically first steps is modifying, moving wires to new locations, reworking airbox. heater hoses, modify alternator
Second step is preassembly on the parts in kit. Kit was well labeld and instructions are clear. The next step which we are at is installing. Will post new pics as we go along


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You think if you worked straight through, it couldbe done in 2-3 days?
They did it in 30min on HorsePower. I'm sure you can get it done in a weekend. :hihi:
I think it is supposed to be a 8hr install. Not sure though.
I did my Saleen install..took my time..15/16 hrs.
Was just checking out your pics and I noticed you missed a step. It's step 8.- I. on page 30, not to be picky, but it still looks great, mine should be done Monday, just waiting for the ECM to come back from Roush........can't wait to take her out on that first run.
how long does it take to get the ecm back from roush after you ship it?
We finished up liitle things today. Fired her up and she ran like a top . Gotta love the whine of a s/c you punch it lol. Not aleak or anything to fix.

MY son Derek and I hope some of you enjoyed this build and if ever you needs a few questions about contact us and we will try to help ya all :cheers:
Anyone who is considering a roushcharger don't hesitate. The quality of the parts, instructions andhow it has the looks of a factory installed kit. The fact that it runs so good right out of the box you can't go wrong. It was a very easy install to do. lots of steps but not hard. I think anybody would enjoy doing this and to know how it all fits together.
Pretty sweet looking setup.


Now get a dyno, I am interested in the Roush tune results.
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I've done a couple of Roushcharger installs at the dealership I work at, it gets easier each time I do one; but Roush's "8 hour install" is way below time needed. My best time to date is around 12.5 hours, doing the harness mods and rerouting probably involves the most time to be done right. It could be done over a weekend by someone with a higher mechanical knowledge, but following the instructions is the way to go. Only thing I don't like about the polished unit is that the throttle body adapter is still black, it would look better polished as would the intake manifold. I may install one in my car or possibly the FRRP polished 500hp unit or a kennebell or maybe a turbo or two......
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