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Pics of the 05 GT --

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:waveyHope this is ok to put pics here for ya'll to view. These were taken @ our home about a week ago. Since I've never done the "forum" thing, I only just started really getting into the picture taking with digital cameras of the classic cars we have for sharing on the web.
The car is stock except for the XM radio/remote and has about 7900 mi on it. Trying to keep the miles down, though. That's in 1 year. Do plan some mods like louvers (rear window) and maybe a few engine related items.:winks
Again, good forum. Thanks for allowing me to share and be a part.


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I have the same XM (roady 2) and went with the map light mount. I tend to drive with one hand resting on the stick, so the console was a bit crowded. I like it b/c it kind of gives it an aircraft cockpit feel, and it's hard to see from outside the car. My wife does the same thing though, swivels it around every other song!! I'm starting to wonder how long the gimbal mount will survive!
Okay, you asked....


Power - the challenge was that the roady has that lighter plug in transformer that drops it to six volts, so I carefully pried the plug casing apart and un-soldered the contacts for the cigar lighter. I soldered on a spare piece of old speaker wire in their place - note that the outside "wing" contacts are the ground, and the center pin is the positive. The transformer is hidden inside the pass side A-pillar trim, and the wire runs down the kickpanel, under the front edge of the carpet, and up to the back of the radio. I used a wire diagram from this site to tap into power and ground from the radio, so the XM will stay on with the accessory delay.

Antenna - mounted at top of rear window and ran wire around back glass channel and under weatherstripping at rear into trunk. then it goes behind the plastic panels, around the passenger side of the rear seat and up the B-pillar, over the pass door (all under the trim panels) and under the head liner, over to the map lights. Both the antenna and power plugs are the xm standard ones, so i can unplug the Roady and use it in the house.

Panel removal - almost all of the panels just snap in or out. It's like a lego car! The map light just snaps out with a careful downward finger pry. The only thing I couldn't get loose was the door sill plate, but it worked out better to go over the door anyway. The sunvisor and retainer clip simply unbolted, and that left the front edge of the headliner free to route the wires under.

I'll try to beg, borrow, or steal a digi camera and put up some shots when I can.
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