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~PICS~ Parts that are ready to be Installed...

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Well I'm almost ready to start the makeover on my car. It's going to be a totally different car when i am done. I still need to purchase a clutch since i don't want to have to do a clutch anytime soon after i put the LT's on. So i have a friend that works at Ford and can get a 03 Cobra clutch kit for $500.00 including AL flywheel.... Is that my best choice? or would a King Cobra hold up any better? I'm also waiting on the other set of heads to be ported and polished. Then i want to swap the SHM 2730 cams for some VT stage 2 or the equal comp cams.

So on the list of things to do there is:

CC plates
Coil overs
Having a friend weld some 2.5" over axle tubes on to the Magnaflows
4.10's (friend is doing the rear)
31 spline T-loc
31 spline axles
weld torque boxes and axle tubes
Upper control arms
lower control arms
rear shocks
rear springs W/air bag

What else should i buy besides SFC's, AL drive shaft?

What else should i need or should i do since I'm going to be going through everything?

A couple of friends of mine and myself are going to do all of this over one weekend. Shouldn't be a problem. Any help or helpful comments are appreciated. now for the pics.

Also, when i put the LT's on i want start the car up and drive it around the block just to see how loud it would be. Is this a bad idea? Could it damage anything?

My garage (where all of the magic is going to happen!)

Thanks for looking.... Justin.
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Thats when it was just finished about 2 years ago...
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