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Picture this (Opinions Please)

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I have an 05 Satin Silver GT with a Roush Front Fascia. I have been planning on replacing my wheels with chrome bullits sometime this summer or fall. Yesterday I started thinking that maybe I would go with black bullits as well as a black ducktail spoiler, blackout panel, and Roush hood scoop painted black. Im not a huge black and silver combo fan but I think these touches would look good. Has anyone seen something similar to this? Could someone possibly make a photochop for me? Thanks
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Thought you might be interested in what I did with my satin silver pony. I was also contemplating much the same with black, however, in the long run, I decided the contrast was too much for my liking (but just my opinion) I decided to use a dark silver. Mine also has the rousch front fascia and a ducktail spoiler, for the hood I went with GFR Racing "Legend" and the darker bullits painted to match the dark gray. Good luck with your choices, half the fun is in the planning!


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