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Pillar Gauges in a 1986 Mustang

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Can I use the triple gauges for the 87-93 in my 86? Does it just need trimmed to fit or is it a whole different ball game?
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good ? hope some1 gets 2 u soon, i wana put a fuel pressure and gauge an oil temp gauge and a oil pressure gauge in
They're two different animals, so you cannot use the full pillar. You'll have to get the individual pods and trim them to fit.
I did one of these, its just a dual though.
Auto Meter 10100 - Auto Meter Pillar Gauge Pods
I thought about doing these in my 89. Maybe if my fuel gauge problem never clears up Ill put one fuel and one nitrous, oh ya I dont run nitrous anymore, then I ll put a fuel and maybe a water. Hmmm what do you think? Yes, this is a hijack. Gimme your thread and no one gets hurt.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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