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Piston Ring Pattern?

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so here is how the rings are shown to be installed.

now my question is as to why I cant switch the position of one of the compression rings with the oiling rings so the compression ring gaps are 180 degrees offset? what is the deal with that? seems like a better deal to me.
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Not really going to matter since the rings will rotate anyways.
yes, I have heard that on the internet, but I have never had any hard and fast evidence. I was actually going to try it with a lawn mower this summer and see if the rings do rotate. (take it apart, mark it, put it back together, run it, take apart again.

the other weird item is that this is not the only theory out there with the 2 compression ring gaps being right by each other. I ride some motorized bicycles (120 dolar bicycle motorized kits on ebay). they have their compression rings oriented the same with, and with pins so that they cannot rotate into the transfer ports.

my reason for mentioning this is that they could be offset 180 degrees, but they chose to design them this way with the gaps right by each other, about 90 degrees apart or less. again there are pins in the piston so the rings cannot rotate.

I just don't get it. seems counterintuitive to have them so close but it seems as though there is a reason.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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