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Please HELP dont know what else to do

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My cooling fan turns on way too much. within thirty seconds of me turning my car on and its cold my fan turns on idk why. i have had the alternator replaced along with the fan and a new battery. also my lights dim when my cooling fan turns on and it shakes a little bit then goes back to normal. i've had these parts replaced within the past month. i keep up with my maintenance but i dont know what else could be wrong with the car. its a 2008 ford mustang 4.0 v6
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Does your car idle rough at all? Do you have the heater on when you turn the car on?
Its kinda normal for your car lights to dim because the fan takes power to run but it goes back to normal beccause your alternator charges more.
Is your car tuned? Do you have a custom tune in it?
No tune at all. And my heater isn't on. Could it be a bad fuse or a bad ground?
I'd take a good look at the ground wire to the starter. They can get all corroded and green on the inside under the insulation. Plus they are relatively cheap to replace.
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