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please help me idk if i put on an under pully if it will affect my compressor for my

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:?::?:idk much about the power required to run the accories and i dont want to over work my ac compressor ??:?::wavey
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It's been over 100 degrees here for weeks now, and I've been driving 45 minutes in traffic each way to work in it with underdrive pulleys and my air conditioning is working great, along with everything else. No overheating either.

Just make sure you get a set of non-piggyback pulleys like the Steeda. Piggyback pulleys are cheaper, but come with other troubles instead. Pay the extra money for the ones that come with a new SFI approved balancer.
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:bigthumbsupok cool thanks alot and i was looking at steeda to i hate ones that are bs and **** ur car up. do have steeda ?..did u notice a difference in power when u put them on? i got an 07 gt/cs ?why do every one hate on the c/s gt?
If you've got an '07, you should be asking this question in the S197 section........
o idk how and wher to do that this is my first day doing this lol
did u see any noticeable difference in power after installing underdrive pulleys bullitt?
The only thing I noticed was in neutral it revs a little quicker. Whether that translates to being faster on the street, I'm not sure.

To be honest, if I wouldn't have gotten mine used for a good price, I wouldn't have bought them.
Yeah, my 97 with pulleys would rev up crazy quick in neutral. I couldn't imagine how much quicker with an aluminum flywheel. It had them on there when I got it and all of my accesories worked perfect. The a/c in that car was cold as polar bear [email protected]!!$, lol.
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