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Please Read:New and Improved Definition of Tech

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Recently we had a poll as to what the membership as a whole thought about the Tech rules in general, and the overwhelming consensus was that the rules we had in place up until recently were too restrictive and was causing too many threads to be moved from Tech to Talk. Thank to all those who participated your opinions have been heard and your vote counted. To those that chose not to participate, it is what it is now, and we won't be revisiting this again.

The results of the poll can be found here:

The following is the new and improved rule for posting in the various Tech sections:

Tech deals with components on the car, things like installing or upgrading parts on the car, diagnosing trouble, technical parts comparisons, fitment questions, and actual how-to advice/diagrams, pictures, guides on various procedures, and lastly, performance comparisons.

Everything else related to the era of Mustang that you are posting about belongs in the corresponding Talk section.

Anything that doesn't fit in either of those 2 categories belongs in the Off-Topic Lounge in the particular era you choose to spend most of your time in.

There will, of course, be gray area threads, that will probably get moved from time to time. The best thing a member can do is if he/she reads the description of Tech above and has even the slightest question left in their mind if their thread belongs in Tech, they should post it in Talk and the Staff will decide if it needs to stay in talk or be moved to the proper Tech section.

The one thing we were trying to avoid in the past, though, was “Balkanization” based solely on the different engine types. There are several tech related issues that would be commonly shared between a 2011 V6 and a 2014 GT, for example, as the system that is having the issue maybe an exact duplicate. The big ones I can think of would be TC/ESC issues, or failures of various interior systems.

If a Staff member feels that a topic is serious enough in nature that ALL members of a certain era may need to read or add input to it he/she may choose to do the following:

1) Copy the thread from the one Tech Forum to the other Tech Forum (which would be admittedly be bulky as there would now be 2 threads on the same topic in 2 separate tech forums) -or-
2) Move the thread (with a permanent redirect) to the Talk forum that belongs to that era with a detailed explanation as to why he/she is moving it to the Talk forum so that more people will see it and comment on it.

We do not anticipate this happening very often, however.

As always, thank you all for your attention in this matter,

The Staff of AFM
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