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Please tell me about short throw shifters

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I have never driven a car with a short throw shifter. My Mustang (as far as I know) still has the stock shifter. I have been thinking about shifter/shifter handle combinations. Last night, I put a Hurst T-handle on my stock shifter and I was amazed at the difference in feel. To me, that little change made shifting feel much more like I think a muscle car should feel. Shifts now feel much more solid and purposeful, and missing a gear, while not really a problem for me even with the stock knob, seems even less likely. That made me start considering short-throw kits.

My car is a daily driver and I am not very much into speed competitions. I really enjoy driving on curvy backroads where I get to downshift a lot, etc. more than driving full-out at top end. Therefore, I am looking for a shifter kit that would simply make shifting more 'fun', more than anything else. Should I even consider a shifter kit? What are my best options for a good price, considering it is for a daily driver, not a racer? About the only ones I have heard of are Herst, Steeda Tri-ax and Roush. The Roush shifter kit looks good, but is probably more money than I need to spend for this particular application. I know Hurst has been around making muscle-car products for awhile, and I imagine that would be the most readily available kit? The Steeda is the one I hear the most about, but again, I imagine I might be able to suit my needs with a good quality product for less money than a Steeda would cost. Advice is, as always, appreciated.
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Hurst Short Throw Shifter

I installed a Hurst Competition Plus short-throw shifter in my 2005 Mustang GT. Big difference! Very short and presice shifts. Great price for a great shifter. Ford Performance Parts also uses this shifter in their program.
My Tri-Ax w/ Jack Roush Shifter handle works miracles.:drool: Ask anybody who has ever sat/driven my car.:eyepoppin No reach 5th.:happyhapp Worth the $$$$$$$$. Jack Roush himself designed that handle, that's the claim anyway.
I have the MGW in my 04 GT... my moms bf has a Roush 440A w/the short throw and my good friend had the steeda tri ax in his V6 Mustang (I know not the same, but..)... I personally like the MGW the most, it feels the most secure and the Roush and Tri-ax in a close second... The steeda and MGW are about the same price, not sure how much Roush charges... Mine was 179.99, and was a 30 min install - not hard at all. Before I bought my MGW, I posted a poll really on - and the general consensus from everyone there was MGW, and I can tell you - I am NOT dissapointed, they boast "the shortest throw in the market", but I think everyone does, haha. Let us know your decision... and good luck choosing.
I also have a MGW short throw and love it!!! The website is , They just came out with a newer model this year too. I dont really see how they can improve on it. I never miss third gear now. Any questions feel free to let me know. and I would like to know which one you decided on as well. Thanks
yeah skip, I just got the "new" model - That thing LOCKS in hard... It's suppose to be just a stronger metal I think though...
I've got the Pro 50 in my 97, it feels great. Nice crisp, short shifts, with adjustable shift stops to save the transmission. When you bang gears hard with the stock shifter, most tend to overshift and that will cause big problems to the trans down the road. I also have heard good things about MGW, but I haven't felt one myself. After I felt the Pro 50 in my car, I wish I had done it earlier.
I appreciate all the responses. You guys are giving me really valuable info. and more brands to research, which is great. Also, in some research I have been doing, some people (especially with the Hurst shifter, but also a couple others) have said that they are getting a significant amount of rattle in their shifter after the swap. Anyone had this problem?

Also, looking into some of the threads listed as 'similar' at the bottom of this one, some guys in another forum were discussing a 'factory shifter upgrade' from Steeda. Apparently, it is a piece that bolts onto the factory shifter, changes the linkage and, supposedly, shortens throws by about 30%, but that piece was for the 05/06s. Anyone know if Steeda is making this piece for 99-04s, or if design differences make it impossible? If it is available, anyone heard any reports about it? I think they said it was priced at something like $26, so if it really does what it says, it might be worth it.
i like steeda triax, works fine for me, i just hear a lil more mechanical noise now due to shifter change.
Honestly, I don't hear any noise from my shifter...
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