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Polished my AC Compressor - Yee Haa!

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I finally finished polishing my AC compressor as you can see in the image. I figure it took me about 4-5 hours. Did not do all at once as my work schedule has thrown my playtime with the Mustang for a loop. This was that LAST of the prep work before having my car flat bedded to the shop for the head and intake work this week!

Did a lot of cleaning, bolt replacements to stainless, painted brackets, yada, yada.

A huge thank you goes out to Almost_Stk as he's been a tremendous help with questions I have had along the way on many parts of my car projects.

I have piles of boxes I will be taking to the shop as a huge part of my engine bay is all stripped down. Let's hope they don't have any extra bolts laying around when they are done:shigrin


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