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If you have a GT, what's your age range?

  • age 20 to 29

    Votes: 334 33.2%
  • age 30 to 39

    Votes: 202 20.1%
  • age 40 to 49

    Votes: 214 21.3%
  • age 50 to 59

    Votes: 143 14.2%
  • 60+

    Votes: 112 11.1%

Poll on age of GT owners

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I saw a poll about age of Mustang owners, and when I saw it, after 661 votes, 32% were ages between 20 and 29, 20% ages 30 to 39 and 20% ages 40 to 49.

It made me wonder, what would it look like with GT owners?

all the best!
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I'm turning 19 next month, but there is no option for my age. :)
I voted 30-39. Not sure if you were looking for only 11+ GT owners though. If not, I would suggest you link this at the other sections, 5-9, 5.0, 94-04. That would give you the most accurate data.
41yrs old, my 11 GT is my fourth Mustang over 21yrs
57 and wouldn't own anything less than a GT.
22 about to be 23. Bought and paying off my 11 gt all on my own ^_^
I was 21 when I finished the restoration of my '66 and I was 25 when I ordered and bought my '11 5.0, but now I'm 26 turning 27 soon. And I am eagerly anticipating the return of a Mach 1 or Bullitt mustang in the future to add to my collection.
I am 43 this is my second Mustang and Not the last,more to come.
I'm 28 and this is my 3rd Mustang. 2nd GT
51, but this car makes me feel 35 again! :thumbup:
51, but this car makes me feel 35 again! :thumbup:
It should, as 51 is the new 41...or something...:heha:
I'm 41 and have always had sporty cars, but this is my first Mustang. I'm loving it!:kooky:
2 more weeks of being in the 20-29 category. :yelwacko:

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24 and about to be on my second GT as soon as it comes in. :bigthumbsup
I turn 38 in 10 days and this is my 5th Mustang. :bigthumbsup
24 when I ordered my car and I'm 25 now. I bought my first used vehicle when I got this because I needed a winter beater.
54 now- 4th Mustang - 2nd GT - 1 st Mustang I drove was a '65 convertable 289 (Mom's car) Color was midnight blue with white convertable top. I've been hooked ever since.... 8
Was 21 when I bought it, but I'm 22 now and I'll be 23 later this year...
40 here on my 6th Mustang. Owned all the others.. Camaro, Corvette as well, but keep coming back to Mustang.
1 - 20 of 270 Posts
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