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Pony Rims fit back but not front on 1990 Mustang 5.0 LX

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hello NUB here. Can any one tell me why a set of pony rims would fit over the grease cap on the rear wheels but not the front wheels? They are four lug 16 inch pony rims. The car is a pretty much stock 1990 mustang LX 5.0, or so I thought. I am baffled. :wavey Thanks steve
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Well, there is no grease cap on the rear to fit over. It's just a flat brake drum.
How much smaller is the hole in the wheel, than the rotor snout/grease cap in the front? Maybe the caps are bent and deformed?
ponies dont fit

Firstly thanks for the reply. I didn't get a real good look. Since I bought the wheels on fleebay , i was surprised to find some decent tread. Brought them to tire place had them balanced went back to flip em on. Didn't fit. Late to work I Left the wheels I want to say the wheel stuck on but would not seat.
I seem to recall someone saying that a 90 LX 5.0 hatchback may have had GT suspension or/and or brakes/steering so I just thought I had once again proved that buying any thing important on fleebay is beyond Stoopid. I naturally have no lift at home to check tonight Ill check it out tomorrow.
So if the grease cap is deformed no big deal.i would hope that the tire guys would have noticed if that was the problem. Are there any other possibilities you can think of ? I am new to mustangs although I am mechanically inclined. Thanks, steve
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First you need to check to see how much interference there is. If it's only hitting by a tiny bit, maybe there's some oxidation built up on the wheel? Take some digital pics and post them if all else fails.
Will do. Thanks much. it must be getting a little springy upstate about now.
Thanks AT68. As it turns out i had to scrape a tiny bit off the inside of one wheel This I was able to do with a piece of old sandpaper. Go figure. The other fit without anything but a cleaning and bit off wiggling. I wont tell you where not to have tires installed, but I know.. Thanks again.
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