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Just got my 2009 GT dyno tuned by Dave Guy at DGR Performance, and WOW I am pleased!

I was having many issues with my Mustang's idle after installing Hot Rod Cams: Idle surging, Low RPM chugging, and Difficulty getting going in first gear and reverse. Dave did a great job correcting for these issues (the low rpm chugging is still there a bit, but that's to be expected). His dyno tune gave me more than 20hp and 20tq over my BAMA email tune. Final numbers are 355hp and 328tq. I am happy with that. Dave is an awesome guy (no pun intended), and was very caring and willing to work hard to get it right.

I previously had my Mustang tuned by BAMA Performance. BAMA does a fantastic job with their tunes and their customer service is top notch, however when I got my Hot Rod cams, I needed to bring my Mustang to a dyno tuner to get it working best. BAMA does great with minor mods, but email tunes are never as good as dyno tunes for complex setups.

Just have to give credit where it is due, I highly recommend Dave Guy and DGR Performance for Dyno tunes.


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