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Possible Mustang Competitor? Retro Camaro?

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Could this be the next competitor for the Mustang....a retro Camaro?
What do you guys think of this?


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I think she looks fine.
But as already mentioned, the project for a Chevy Camaro has been scrapped by GM.
It seems that only Dodge stands in the fight of the retro' looking muscle car with the new Challenger, against Ford...
kscoyote said:
No, it hasn't been scrapped . . . there are several platforms they're doing cost/unit studies on, right now.

No one at GM thought the Mustang would be as popular as it is, and it's made them rethink their decision on the Camaro - Same with the "Charger" now being morphed into a Challenger.
Are you sure it's still going on ? I recall reading a couple of articles somewhere (I doubt I could find them again now...) confirming that the Camaro was a no go...
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