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Power **** brake conversion for 67' coupe

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I have started a restoration on a 67 mustang and I'm fitting it with a 92' 5.0L HO and a T5. This being my first big project I don't know much about what fits what when it comes to conversions. Will a fox body brake booster/master cylinder fit my mustang? Also, what do I need to do as far as switching out the drums with disks? I know how to do all the work but I am working on a tight budget and don't want to buy an expensive conversion kit. Any ideas or background knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
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I believe that a later-model master cylinder will fit a classic Mustang. Not sure about the booster.

CSRP seems to be the go-to disc brake swap kit around here for the front. Wilwood also sells a basic front kit that runs $650: Wilwood swap
You could also get this matching rear kit, or I hear that a Lincoln Versailles rear end has disc brakes already installed. $1380 does sound like a lot, but Wilwood does make very good brake systems. And yes, there are cheaper ways. For instance, you could do a Granada spindle swap. Ford Granada spindles have disc brakes and just bolt in place of the existing spindle, for the most part. They can generally be found for a couple hundred bucks.

I'll also say that I'm very much a modder, and although I don't like just piecing together parts and hoping it works, I'm not always above that.
Brake conversion

Fox booster from mid 80's 4cyl.'67 disc/drum master cylinder for power brakes. Minor mod to dash and pedal. Also check for instructions and mod info. Easy job with a few simple changes. 2x on the csrp easiest way to go for front disc. Don't waste your time on rear discs unless your road racing the car.
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