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Power Packages

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Hi again, need to pick some more brains again. Has anybody purchased anything from RPM OUTLET? I am looking at the power packages they offer. The one I am interested in comes with the following:

Diablosport Predator with tune
Motoblue underdrive pulleys
C & L true flow intake system
Motoblue twin 62mm throttle body

Supposedly worth 44 hp and 47 ftlb at wheels.[CLAIMED DYNO PROVEN]ha ha
Has anybody used the underdrive pulleys or throttle body yet?
With the Predator,pulleys and CAI I might be close to believing their claim.
What is all of your opinions??
BTW the complete kit is $1045.95
Thanks for all the input.
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I'm not sure about their power packages, but I did order my Borlas through them. They had the best prices that I could find. I did however had a small problem with my exhaust. They didn't send me the clamps or the registration card! We thought we could re-use the facorty clamps so off came the factory muffs. With my luck, the factory clamps were spot welded on. We had to break the spot weld in order to re-use the factory ones. Anyways, I contacted RPM (mainly for the registration card) and they were happy to send me both the clamps and the registration card. However, the card never came.

As for customer service, I give them an 8 out of 10.
As for their pricing I give them a 9 out of 10.

P.S. They also send you a copy of the latest Modified Mustangs magazine for free. :laughlitt

Hope this helps...
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