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Power Packages

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Hi again, need to pick some more brains again. Has anybody purchased anything from RPM OUTLET? I am looking at the power packages they offer. The one I am interested in comes with the following:

Diablosport Predator with tune
Motoblue underdrive pulleys
C & L true flow intake system
Motoblue twin 62mm throttle body

Supposedly worth 44 hp and 47 ftlb at wheels.[CLAIMED DYNO PROVEN]ha ha
Has anybody used the underdrive pulleys or throttle body yet?
With the Predator,pulleys and CAI I might be close to believing their claim.
What is all of your opinions??
BTW the complete kit is $1045.95
Thanks for all the input.
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power package

What is the "registration card"? What do you need that for?
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