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Power Steering noise 2003 Mustang Convertible

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Greetings. Every year when the temperature turns warm, my power steering mechanism starts to groan. When the temperatures go back down, everything is fine and the groaning stops. Typically, what I do is keep an eye on the PS pump and make sure that the fluids stay at appropriate levels. Since this is such a consistent problem, I was hoping that others in the forum may be experiencing this as well and may have a solution/work around.

Any ideas?
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Your lucky it doesnt happen all the time. Its just a ford thing, during those years 99-04 they were notorious for being loud. No matter if you bleed it properly or if the pump is new. I know what i said wont help but maybe someone else might add to mine and say a solution like you need.
Thanks! I'm used to it by now, so I don't let it bother me. I was just wondering if there was an underlying cause. If it's just a Ford thing, I'll accept that as well. I appreciate your input.
I have been researching the noise these things make and here is what I have found.anyone feel free to correct me if i am wrong !
The noise comes from air in the lines being compressed by the pump.
The reservoir, I am told ,has a filter screen inside that gets clogged.
If the fluid coming back to the reservoir is being pumped out faster than the dirty screen will allow , under high stress ( hard right or left turns ) then it would suck air . I have not tried that yet , just removed the low pressure line clamped it to a bucket and used a drill to turn the pump while adding fresh fluid till it ran clear.Fluid is clean ,the noise is less but still there.The only other fix I have read is using a vacuum pump instead of the wheels off the ground and turning the steering lock to lock 15 times.
I'm a long time Ford fan. To me, the Ford's power steering pump doesn't seem excessively noisy. It seems more likely to me that there's something wrong. For example:
  • Poor fluid condition
  • clogged filter/strainer
  • kinked line somewhere in the system or other blockage
  • weak/worn pump
  • worn ball joints causes excessive turning effort.

If this were my car, the 1st thing I would look at is the condition of the power steering fluid. Is it brown and burnt smelling? If so, consider changing it.

I have used a very low tech method to renew power steering fluid. Using an old turkey baster (don't tell my Wife), draw the fluid out and then top up with fresh Mecron V fluid. Run the motor for a few minutes. Do this a few times. Repeat over the course of days until the fluid is bright red and clean smelling.

Yes it's a PIA but much less work than disconnecting anything and performing a power flush. And it just might stop the noise.
Thanks for your reply. I'll check out your suggestions. Why do you think it only happens during the summer months and not during the cold weather months?
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