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Power Steering pump & bracket removal for timing cover

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So I started the tear down for timing chain replacement on a 4.6L DOHC Lincoln Aviator. I know it's not a mustang, sorry. I ran into a bit of a brick wall when I started the timing job. Do you need to remove the power steering pump to get the timing cover off? The bolts are impossible to get to on this vehicle and I ended up rounding off the hard one to get to on the bracket

Does that bolt still need to come out to get the timing cover off? Or can I just cut off the bracket?

Also, I saw it mentioned in another thread that the pump doesn't need to come off, just the pulley. If so, what tool/how do you get the pulley off?

Do the power steering pump bolts not thread into the front cover?
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Here's the tool needed to remove the power steering pump pulley.

Performance Tool W87020 - Pulley Puller | O'Reilly Auto Parts

NEVER hammer on the shaft to remove or install the PS pump pulley.

Also, be careful when re-installing the pulley that the correct tool is used. Late model Fords use a metric thread. The older tool will appear to work. But the tool will only engage a thread or two which will pull out when pressure is applied. The correct tool will engage a bunch of threads inside the shaft.

I really suspect that access will be much better after the pulley is removed.
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