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Power Steering Whine After Fluid Change - '00 GT

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Hey everyone!

I have a 2000 GT with 190k miles and a 5-speed tranny. So I have been having an issue with a whine coming from my engine bay. The whine only happens in the winter months on a cold start up. I did some reading and found out that it could be the fluid in the power steering. So I checked the fluid and it was black so I decided to replace it yesterday with Mercon ATF. I did a complete flush by lifting the front wheels off the ground, using a turkey baster to remove all the old fluid, filled it with new fluid, turned the wheels mixing the old and new fluid, and repeating until it was back to a normal color.
I turned the car on this morning to find that the whine is still there. My question is: could it be the actual power steering pump that has to be replaced?
I took a video so you guys could hear the sound.
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Well, to start with that is really not the way to change fluid as if you were lucky you replaced about if it is contamination causing the issue, you really didn't accomplish much. To change fluid, using your baster, drain the fluid from the reservoir, then disconnect the return line to the the line into a container for collection and cap off the bottom of the reservoir. Fill the reservoir with fluid and have a friend start the engine, refilling the reservoir as you go and having the friend turn the steering wheel full left and right....ok, your done. I would also recommend using mercon V as it has better lube properties.
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