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power window squeals

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The power window on the passenger side squeals really loud going up AND down on my 02 GT. anybody else have this problem? :sosad:
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Yeah man, i got the same thing going on with my 02gt drivers side. Sounds to me like the rubber is misaligned.
Mine two, I'm going to pull it apart soon and check it out.
wonder if its limited to 02s
My 02 and my buddy's 02 both squeal on the driver side window.
I just took silicon spray and sprayed it down in the window track near the mach 460 speaker. It takes away the squeal for a few months.
Sounds like a plan, much easier than pulling apart the door.
My car does the passenger side squeal as well. Also an '02. I also wonder if this is limited to '02's? I'd like to find a permanent fix.
Try a petrolium product rather than a silicon based product. Make sure there is no glass scratching going on too. A little scratching can eventually lead to a lotta scratching.
My 02 did it but I had it fixed while it was still under warranty. Don't know what they did to fix it.
its not limited to 02's my 01 does it but only when its cold outside now I do have after market tint but like I said it does it when the weather changes.

A hi-pitch squealing sometime coms fron dirt, sepecially sand between the wheater stripe and the window.
One single grain of sand can do all this horrible noise.
Roll down your windows and clean that rubber wheater stripe on top of the door. This works best with compressed air.
didn't think about blowing it out with air, I'll give it a shot. :thumbsup
My 96 does that too on the passenger's side.
tried the air thing... didn't seem to help, gonna take the door panel off and see what the problem is for a PERMANENT fix.
Yeah my 03 just started doing it the other day. Going to have to take the panel off also.
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