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PowerCode Remote Start Fix/Opening Door will not shut off car

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Figured I would post a link to a thread that I found which helped me program the remote start so it would not shut down the car when I opened the door. Which is the way it should have come from factory IMO.

This will disable MyKey feature, which I never use anyway since I'm the only that drives the car. I treat it like my old remote door, put key in ignition, turn to acc/on, hit brake pedal once, and your set to go.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you program this wrong. :nono:

Full credit goes to Magoo1 from this post(scroll down): Remote Start and MyKey - Escape & Kuga Forum - Blue Oval Forums

One thing on note after step 8: I just pressed and released key fob button...I did not hold it in for 2 seconds like you do when you want to remote start vehicle.
Also I could never find led light and did this by horn only(horn chirps..not a full horn blast).

I also found something else out interesting, and not sure if it is true. Someone stated that Ford put out a memo to dealerships stating if people wanted this fix to tell them it cant be done.:?:
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For ease of use, here is the programing document.

I did this on my Flex and it worked just fine. When I first questioned the dealer they did not know the procedure but I found this and told the dealer I was going to do it instead of taking it in and they said if I screwed it up they would be able to bring it back to normal. Took a lot less time to do it myself.

It worked just fine. The hardest part was finding the programming button, You have to take the cover off under the steering wheel to get at it.

Mustangs a manual so no remote start


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