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Hello All,
Mrs. P Dad and I have been pretty bust and not doing much on the forum.
I will get back to it and if I can help anyone please feel free to call or PM me.

The newest project is a 61 Lark Vert. My wife and I pulled the motor with the
owner who is 72 years young. We then pulled a 350 Chevy from a pick-up.

Now we are putting on the 700r trani and going to see if it will fit the Lark

It sure looks pretty tight but won't know until the trans is on and we try
to put it in the car.

I can see some issues with the exhaust hitting the steering box but "ram horn" manifolds should help this.

So we are pretty busy BUT having a great time. My wife is sure a LOT of help.
She can handle the hoist and knows all the tools to pass and find.

It is just so much fun having her there.

If anyone has done this swap - -It sure would help to hear of any issues.

Thanks - -to all - - I will keep wrenching and trying to help others and I really
appreciate having my wife share in the efforts.

WORK SAFE - -be well

Print Dad
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