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Fundraiser for Gaston County Hospice- Gaston Hospice

Date – April 27, 2013
Time - 9am -2pm with Trophies being handled out at 2.

Location – Pro-Dyno,
3545F Centre Circle
Fort Mill, SC 29715

• Car Show
• 50/50 tickets
• Raffle
• Donations.

The car show will cover the following categories, we will plan on awarding a trophy for each class - if we focus our judging on cleanliness it will level the playing field for all participants. We will not judge on how many mods you have. We are working on some trophy costs that the SVT group has used. We are going to charge a $10 entry fee, giving each of the entrants a raffle ticket. We will offer trophies for the following categories -

• 10-13 Mustang
• 05-09 Mustang
• 94-04 Mustang
• 79-93 Mustang
• 64-79 Mustang
• Ford (non-Mustang)
• Longest drive

We are going to start working the vendors pretty hard after the first of the year. We spoke with Natalie Tindol at Tindol Ford in Gastonia, they will support us in some fashion. Ford is tough on their dealers and how they function in another dealers market.
Steve is going to work Hawthorne for us to see what they can do. We have been in contact with Ford's Warriors in Pink (Breast cancer program), they are going to send us some goodies to hand out.

Dan’s only rule is that all monies raised will be donated to the charity we designate. We can cover our costs but not profit from it. I would think we could absorb all costs for the event within our group. We can keep this pretty simple/ low budget I believe.

I appreciate your support and look forward to raising a lot of money for a very worthy group.We need someone to work on a flyer for us (Jeff/John?). I have the vendor list from WWP that we can start working for donations for the raffle. Any other ideas?

Dan will supply the food, we will need staffing to cook/serve/clean up. Thanks in advance for your help.

Anyone who wants to volunteer please post up what you'd like to help with whether it be judging, cooking, clean-up, etc...

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Vendors who have sponsored us so far are:
American Muscle
Detailers Domain
Hypermotive Performance
Lethal Performance
Lucas Oil
MGW Shifters

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Additional vendors and some raffle prizes:
Ford Racing

Some of the raffle prizes

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Hya Crint! Looks like I might be able to do this one now that the HCMC show has been moved to the TotD weekend. Sorry I haven't been much (as in, any) help on it.

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Hey Rarry, didn't know you were on here. It's no big, you're a busy guy keeping the HCMC running. Not much has been rolling, few of us working on vendors but that is about it. If you spread the word through your contacts that will be more than enough, just gotta bump up the attendance! Kinda curious how the SVT folks do it for their show, they had a big turnout last year and I'd be surprised if it was all members.

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I haven't updated this in a while, but we've got several other prizes donated from companies for the raffle. While not the most active forum, there is some activity in the regional section, so if you plan on coming I ask that you please post up. Only a week and a half now!

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Update to the update, we have over $2,000 in good or gift certificates for the raffle and $600 in direct donations to Hospice. Great job everyone.

Donations for the raffle
  • Ford Racing 5.0 Coil Covers - $225
  • Two Detailer's Domain Packages - $150 each (in new 5 gallon buckets)
  • Two Lucas Oil Buckets = $50 each
  • Two Lethal Performance Gift Cards - $50 each
  • Two MRT Hood Strut Gift Cards - $90 each
  • Stang Mods Gift Certificate - 1 @ $100, 1 @ $250
  • Three BBR Gift Certificates - $25 each + t-shirt and a camisole for Steve
  • Two CJ Pony Parts Gift Certificates - $50 each
  • Two JLT Gift Certificates - $100 each + 2 t-shirts
  • American Muscle Gift Certificate - $100
  • Autogeek Blackfire Kit - $130
  • Autogeek Briefcase/Travel Bag - $75 Autogeek Executive Briefcase
  • Hypermotive Detailing supplies (I have a new 5 gallon bucket we can put these in)
  • Hyermotive SCT Tuner & N/A Tune - $400

Other items
  • Lethal Performance posters - Brooke Weisbender
  • Warriors in Pink bandanas - free to give away
  • Raffle & 50/50 tickets (buckets to collect them in)
  • 2 zippered bags for cash
  • Trophies
10-13 Mustang
05-09 Mustang
94-04 Mustang
79-93 Mustang
64-79 Mustang
Ford (non-Mustang)
Longest drive
  • 3 American Muscle Banners
  • Car show printed goods are printed
Judging score sheet
Judging criteria sheet
Driver’s windshield card (name, year, judged (yes or no))

Confirmed donations to Hospice
  • MGW check sent direct to Hospice for $500
  • StangMods check sent direct to Hospice for $100
    BrightStar donation of $100
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