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Pro M EFI incosistency on dyno and drivability issues.

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I installed a pro m efi system on a 95 mustang gt. I had all the info installed at Pro M. Here is my problem and i want to know if others have this issue, since i cant find anyone with this issue. my car does not idle and it surges, it also is really inconsistent on power. so i took it to a shop so it can be tuned. i have no vaccum leaks or exhaust leaks. The tuner calls me and tells me my car is innconsistent one pull it will make over 400hp and the next will be under 400hp. I just want to know if anyone has problems with this kit or if they know someone who has problems and if they were solved.

really need help thanks Scott.
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Did u get the drivability issues you had in your other threads resolved before having the pro m system installed. What does the pro m system consist of?
Yes It was a burnt valve and bad rings on cylinder 1. I had it rebuilt and tested it before I brought it to the dyno. I purchased the sn95 efi harness with innovative widebands. It is supposed to be plug and play but I guess its not. The performance shop has tuned countless mustang's in my area and they all are very reliable with no problems. I don't think its them.
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