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Install a TCP rack and pinion system with their Power steering pump on a 351c. The PS pump bracket says it fits both 351c and 351w. Its not fitting the 351c in the 70 MUSTANG. The both on the bottom doesnt line up with the bolt opening. It does on the 351w I have in a 69 cougar.

I measured the spacing on the 2 engines. 351c is 2 inches apart and 351w is 2 3/4. Called TCP and they cant explain why it doesnt fit and have no bracket that would fit.

1 351w
2 351c
3 351c showing line up issues on bottom hole
Anybody tried this system on 351c? Problems and or solutions?

Seems like we have to make a special bracket.

Or has anybody used the Rack and Pinion with the OEM power steering?

ops 3 pic is showing it lineup on 351w

this shows not lining up on 351c


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