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problema electrico fox 84 (bobinas, modulo,encendido )

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Buenos Días , mi gente mi mustang fox 84 me ha presentado varias veces un problema con la bobina, bobina captadora , modulo y switchera , el problema es que me quema las bobinas tanto la seca como la captadora y aveces el modulo... ya cambie :
- cableado desde el corta fuego.
- bobina seca ( 3 veces )
- bobina captadora
- modulo ( 2 veces )
y dura 1 mes y vuelve el problema ..

la falla: no me enciende el carro da arranque pero no enciende..

ayuda: me gustaría conocer a alguien que me ayudara a saber que podría ser la falla !!! GRACIAS

Good morning , my people my 84 mustang fox has presented me several times a problem with the coil , coil pickup , and switchera module , the problem is that I burn both dry as the pickup coils and sometimes the module ... and change :
- Wiring from the short fire.
- Dry coil (3 times)
- Coil pickup
- Module ( 2 times)
and lasts one month and becomes the problem ..

the fault: the car does not turn me cranking but no lights ..

Help : I would like to meet someone to help me know what could be the fault !!! THX
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From what I can understand , the car will not crank at this time.Is this correct.I would start by examining all the ground wires .Battery to engine block and all the smaller size wire ground points.You will need to do a search for these locations and/or get a wiring manual (specific to your car) showing the locations.Make sure the alternator is outputting the correct voltage and amperage.Check your battery,also,and do a load test to verify it has sufficient amperage ability after you charge it.Good Luck amigo :)
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